How to Divorce Guide to File Divorce, Getting a Divorce in Florida
Florida Divorce Guide and Coach Janet Langjahr, Esq.

Guiding You Through Your Contested, High Conflict Family Court Case for Florida Divorce,
Child Custody, Visitation and Timesharing, Child Support, Alimony and Spousal Support

How to Divorce Guide to File Divorce, Getting a Divorce in Florida - Florida Divorce Guide and Coach Janet Langjahr, Esq.
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Crash Course Standard Deluxe Individual

  • Contentious, contested Florida Divorce Ahead of You?

  • Already in the Middle of Your High Conflict Florida Divorce?

  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Confused? Frustrated? Frightened? Lost?

  • Spouse Own a Small Business? Able to Hide Income and Assets?

  • Spouse an Attorney? Keeping You (or Your Lawyer) in Court Constantly?

  • Spouse Earn or Control all the Income and Property?

  • Spouse Well-Connected? In a Smaller Community?

  • Spouse Abuse Alcohol? Drugs? Both?

  • Spouse a Sociopath? Have Another Serious Psychological Problem?

  • Spouse Physically Abuse You? Your Kids?

  • Spouse Psychologically, Emotionally, Verbally Abuse You? Your Kids?

  • Spouse Financially Abuse You?

  • Spouse Control Your Every Thought and Move? Your Kids'?

  • Spouse Accuse You of the Stuff They Do?

  • Spouse Think They're Smarter Than Everyone Else?

  • Spouse Got Lots of Time? The Desire to Come Between You and Your Kids?

  • Spouse Got Lots of Money? The Desire to Leave You with Nothing?

  • Spouse Like to Sue People to Harass Them?

  • Spouse Have a Lot of Legal Experience from Being Sued? Prosecuted?

  • Left Out in the Cold by the Retainers Required by A Good Divorce Attorney?

  • Your Attorney Burn Through Everything You Could Pay? Then Bail Out on You?

  • Too Many Professionals? No Idea What Any of Them are Really Doing? Or Why? ... or Who's in Charge?

  • Wondering Why None of Them (including Your Attorney) is Doing What You Want?

  • Your Attorney Didn't Seem to "Get It"? Just Wanted You to Agree and Settle?

  • Alone ... and Adrift? Waiting for "Things" to Happen? For the Judge to See the Light?

Florida Divorce Guide and Coach Janet Langjahr, Esq. can help. And it won't take forever or even cost you an arm and a leg.

Janet Langjahr, Esq.'s unique Florida Divorce Coaching divorce services, support, advice and help can educate, empower and guide you by the hand to comprehension, knowledge and skills needed to take charge of YOUR divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support, alimony or other type of family law case anywhere in the State of Florida .

Whether you have an attorney or not , Janet Langjahr, Esq.'s Divorce Coaching divorce services, support and advice can help you with:

  • representing yourself well in your Florida family court case, no matter where you live

  • learning the law of property rights, child custody rights, child visitation rights, grounds for divorce and other divorce information

  • understanding family cases to make your divorce legal

  • understanding the legal system and divorce courts

  • complying with the divorce procedures in the divorce process

  • developing the legal strategies

  • coming up with the tactics

  • managing your family court case

  • working with other professionals on your team

  • saving money on your case

  • planning and preparing for your divorce

  • parenting through your divorce

  • providing second opinions

  • choosing your lawyer

  • communicating cost and benefit-effectively with your lawyer

  • overseeing your lawyer

  • educating your lawyer about YOUR case

  • knowing how to help your lawyer

  • motivating your lawyer

  • getting your lawyer's attention

  • knowing when you need to change lawyers ... and when you shouldn't

  • showing you how to change lawyers with minimum damage or disruption, when necessary

  • filling in the gaps in the law or the legal system

  • coaching your attorney

  • and so much more

Why Janet Langjahr, Esq. Should Be Your Divorce Guide and Coach

  • Janet Langjahr is an attorney licensed to practice since 1988 (in New York state).

  • Janet has spent years representing both husbands and wives, mothers and fathers

  • Many of Janet's clients have had contentious, high conflict contested divorce and child custody cases

  • Janet knows well what people involved in family court cases are going through and how that affects their cases.

  • Janet is compassionate and empathetic.

  • But Janet also brings the objectivity, experience and insight that you need to achieve your objectives.

  • Janet's coaching brings a unique legal perspective whose goal is to help you do better in your case

  • Janet recommends that you retain a good, experienced lawyer in your divorce or family case if you can afford one, but Janet's divorce advice and support can help you whether or not you have retained an attorney.

Learn more about Janet Langjahr, Esq. at West Palm Beach County Divorce Lawyers, Fort Lauderdale Broward County Family Lawyers, Delray Beach Child Custody Attorneys .

Janet Langjahr, Esq. Offers the Following Divorce Guide Programs:
** Groups Forming Right Now for all Divorce Guide Programs **

  1. How to Divorce Crash Course

    • Anonymous, Small Group Coaching by Telephone

    • Listen from the privacy and safety of your work, cell, home phone - or friend or relative's phone, any phone you choose

    • All coaching sessions recorded and available for you to replay at your own pace and convenience

    • Two coaching sessions per week for each of two weeks (that's 4 sessions)

    • FREE extra 5th coaching session to dig a little deeper into covered topics with Q&A; as time permits

    What You'll Learn:

    • How To File for Divorce & Divorce Filing Procedure Quick Intro

    • Property Division Law Basic

    • Alimony Law

    • Child Support Law

    • Timesharing Law Basic

    • Parental Responsibility Law

    • Mediation

    • Settlement


    • Consulting time with Janet by itself valued at $1,575

    • Thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars or more savings in legal fees possible

    • Awards of thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars or more in spousal support, child support, court costs, attorney's fees and/or sanctions possible with what you'll learn

    • Valuable FREE Bonuses included:

      • BONUS 1 - Florida Family Forms (a $20 value)
      • BONUS 2 - Dissolution of Marriage Statutes (priceless)

    • costs less than many independent paralegals / document preparers and non-lawyer mediators charge just to prepare the forms included as a bonus - and they can't even advise you about the law or court

    • costs thousands of dollars less than any decent, experienced family law attorney will require just to start your case

    • costs possibly many thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars less than you'd pay a lawyer before it's over

    • but, even if they represented you for free , who cares if they aren't conducting YOUR case the way that YOU want them to

    Your Investment:

    • a low, one-time, flat fee of just $497, all-inclusive.

    Apply now by calling or e-mailing Janet Langjahr.

  2. Standard Getting a Divorce Coaching Program

    What You'll Learn:


    Your Investment:

    Apply now by calling or e-mailing Janet Langjahr.

  3. Deluxe Divorce Process Coaching Program

    What You'll Learn:


    Your Investment:

    Apply now by calling or e-mailing Janet Langjahr.

  4. Advanced Personal Divorce Guide and Individual Coaching Program

    What You'll Learn:

    At your first session, you and Janet will design a custom, individualized coaching plan together that will best meet your desires and needs.



    Apply now by calling or e-mailing Janet Langjahr.

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